Centurion has been in the business of development, production, sales and distribution of full scale feature films all over the globe. Having produced for over 30 years Centurion is well placed to assist in all aspects of independent film making.

We maintain a disciplined approach to film production, which enables us to produce compelling, commercially viable films. We distribute these films to theatrical and ancillary markets both domestically and internationally. Production budgets for our films intended for theatrical release have and continue to range between €2,000,000 and €20,000,000, and production budgets for films intended for release directly to streaming services such as Netflix and Disney will range between €1,000,000 and €5,000,000.

Our production department reviews chosen scripts, looking for material that will attract top talent. We then actively develop these scripts alongside their writers, working with the major talent agencies and managers to compile a strong cast for the budget that appeals to the film’s target audience. The commercial and critical success of these films will continue to enhance our reputation and maintain our relationships with agents and distributors alike.

Many specifics are considered before the decision about where to shoot TV, film, or commercial productions, including bureaucracy or red tape hurdles, diversity or accessibility of the proposed location, studio space availability, talents’ ability or willingness to travel, and access to quality, efficient local area crew professionals.

The decision whether to “green light,” or proceed with production of a film is a diligent process that involves numerous key confidential meetings with industry colleagues. In this process, scripts are discussed for both artistic merit and commercial viability. Centurion must consider the entire package, including the script, the talent that may be attached or pursued and the production’s initial budget. We also discuss talent and story elements that could make the product more successful. Next, specialists in domestic and international distribution will prepare estimates of projected revenues and the costs of marketing and distributing the film. Our finance and legal professionals review all of the projections, and then a decision is made whether the picture is worth pursuing by balancing the risk of a production against its potential for financial success. We typically seek to mitigate the financial risk associated with film production by negotiating co-production agreements, pre-selling international distribution rights and capitalising on government subsidies and tax credits. In addition, we often attempt to minimise our production exposure by structuring deals with talent that provide for them to participate in the financial success of the motion picture in exchange for reducing up-front payments.

Successful motion pictures may continue to play in theatres for up to six months or longer following their initial release. Concurrent with their release in the United States, motion pictures are generally released in Canada and may also be released in one or more other foreign markets. After the initial theatrical release, distributors seek to maximise revenues by releasing movies in sequential release date windows, which are generally exclusive against other non-theatrical distribution channels.