Centurion Global Capital

Centurion Global Capital is a Luxembourg based film and investment fund specialising in contract funding and capital guarantee structures for feature films and television series. Its business is primarily the discounting of government backed contracts and the provision for equity investors to receive a full guarantee of their investment being recovered within the first four years of a production’s lifecycle.


Supporting National and International Governments

The media industry is one of the single largest borrowers of funds globally and remains one of the safest and most lucrative markets available to investors. The entirety of film and television production relies on letters of credit, guarantees, distribution advances, subsidies and nationally sponsored rebates that must be converted into cash. Centurion arranges this for productions both in-house from our production side, but also for third party productions.


Tax Credits and Subsidies

Centurion’s core discounting business revolves around these tax credits and subsidies and the discounting of them. The rate of discount is determined by the security of the instrument and its origin. Unstable governments and economies result in lower discount rates to add security to our capital that is placed on these instruments.

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Co-Production Treaties

Many nations are party to motion picture and/or television co-production treaties with other countries, which enables co-productions to qualify as local content and thus be eligible for government assistance and financing in more than one country, which reduces the cost of production. The most active relationships have traditionally been in Europe, with the United Kingdom and Germany dominant in volume of production.


Currency Exchange Protection

Many productions also operate in more than one currency and to protect our investors we buy the options to purchase the funding currency and then finance those options for each of the productions. The downside of the currency conversion is protected by the option and the upside is still there if the currency shifts in a favourable direction. 

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Film and Television Investment

There has never been a more exciting time to invest into the creative industries. The growth of new markets such as China and the Far East, advanced technologies give new opportunities to distribute content such as mobile phone and android as well as new producers and channels such as Netflix, YouTube and Apple.