How Centurion Global Capital Assists

Worldwide Film Makers

Centurion Global Capital is specifically focused on raising production finance for group and third party film and television productions. The company is particularly active in North American, UK, Australian, New Zealand and Irish production incentive schemes but also operates globally.

Centurion Global Capital remains active in the organisation of co-productions to utilise multiple tax incentives at once, reducing risk and hard investment into both its own productions and third party projects alike. Capital is then raised by the Company through private, governmental and public sources for a myriad of productions across all platforms.

Global Tax Structuring and Co-Production Advice

Having produced and financed film and television productions globally, Centurion Global Capital is in a unique position to advise, guide and partner productions that are looking at and interested in production and co-productions all over the world.

Contract Discounting and Cash Flowing

Using our own resources and as an established borrower Centurion Global Capital can put together a competitive source of funding and protect the production as well as its investors from currency fluctuations.

Film and Television Fund Raising and Investment

Over many years Centurion Global Capital has raised and invested millions of dollars in production and international co-productions and continues to be a source of finance for independent films and television.