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Investing in Film and TV

The media industry is one of the single largest borrowers of funds globally

The media industry also remains one of the safest and most lucrative markets available to investors. The majority of film and television production relies on letters of credit, guarantees, distribution advances, subsidies and nationally sponsored rebates that must be converted into cash. Centurion Global Capital arranges this for productions so our investors can take comfort that any money invested by Centurion Global Capital has an equivalent note to justify and substantiate the investment and ensure a full return of Centurion Global Capital’s investment.

Our core model is to facilitate the finance and cash flow of existing productions and marketing businesses. As with any investment there are always risks however these perceived risks are insurable with both film and television benefitting from full production insurance and, some television and all feature films adding completion insurance to the package reducing Centurion Global Capital’s risk of non-repayment to a negligible level. A simplistic way to look at this core business is that of a lending institution operating within a very specific sector and industry.

Our business is not to use investors’ money in high risk film ventures.
— Centurion Global Capital

Capital used by Centurion GlobalCapital is made to work by financing existing financial instruments, that form all or part of the collateral required to produce a film or television project. At no time is Centurion GlobalCapital’s money invested on projected or “hoped for” valuations but only quantifiable instruments. The value of the cash in Centurion GlobalCapital’s balance sheet does not change as either the cash or the financial instrument will have the same book value. Overall the Centurion GlobalCapital business model represents a solid investment that does not put investors’ money at undue risk and with targeted returns per annumfor the investors.

Whilst Centurion GlobalCapital looks too reduce any risk for its investors and uses structured accounting, there is some level of participation for the investors in the industry through Centurion. As the core business is funding film and television production then the investors will have access to on set visits, special screenings with cast and crew, markets and festivals where available and when seeing Centurion GlobalCapital’s name on the titles of any such production to tell their friends and colleagues that they funded that show. There will be production gifts and memorabilia as productions progress and are completed.