Centurion Management

Centurion is strategically positioned all over the world to facilitate and enhance all productions in varying media forms. Below is a snapshot of the minds keeping Centurion at the forefront of media production and financing.


Tom Reeve

Chairman & Head of Production

Tom Reeve's work as a producer has won the Golden Globe award for Best Made for TV Movie, two Christopher Awards for production and has twice been nominated for the A.C.E. Award for best original program. He has also won the Friars Club New York Comedy Award for his directing talents. Being a highly regarded and full voting member of the The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) also provides Centurion access to some of the highest quality talent the industry has to offer.

Tom's vast experience and history within the film and television industry allows him to successfully create and run co-productions all over the globe, combining tax incentives and processes to draw the most out of any given production. On top of his vast filmography there are various commercials, sponsored films or projects in which Tom has participated indirectly in either the production or financing.

Michael Corrigan

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Corrigan is well versed in all aspects of both business finances and media finances. Having held board and senior officer positions at PwC, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Atari, RHI Entertainment, Sonar Entertainment, and most recently Magic Leap Inc. at which he is still active.

Michael has substantial operational, strategic planning and financial experience within the entertainment, media, technology and communications space on a global basis, with considerable involvement in high growth environments. He also has significant experience in turnaround and rebuilding situations. Extensive transactional and capital market experience, as well as cross border merger and acquisitions and capital raising while also being an executive producer of various television series and motion pictures.

Jordan Reeve

Development & Investment

Jordan Reeve has a keen eye for creative depth and detail and thus heads up the acquisition and development area. A good story is the best block to build a commercially viable production from but without the backbone of a gripping tale or a known franchise or brand, creating a commercially successful motion picture or television series is far more difficult. Once a project is approved it is put together as a single project or part of a slate package.

Jordan is always creating and adding projects to the development pool to begin putting together stories and writers to push projects towards the production slate. He continues to work in all aspects of the film and television industry both in front and behind the camera to continually process market trends and movements and adjust commercial plans and projections accordingly.

Jonny Boston

Legal & Business Affairs

Jonny Boston looks after Centurion’s legal and business affairs as protecting and commercialising our creative rights is essential for our industry. As a lawyer he has been involved in the creation and/or financial exploitation of over 50 feature films, and has worked extensively in film, new media, TV and music. Jonny is also advising as a consultant helping companies and individuals both protect and successfully exploit those creative rights they hold. It is easier to set our rights in order and form a realistic strategy early in the creative process than in hindsight as problems arise.

Karl Lubieniecki

Foreign Exchange & Currencies

Karl Lubieniecki oversees our currency protection program. He has used his own funds successfully trading in foreign currency markets since 2005 and as a result of which, in 2013 he formed his own modern hedge fund where he manages currency trading and transactions for some of the largest funds around the world. Karl uses this insight and experience to organise and manage Centurion’s currency exchanges and protection for projects.