The Pavilion Networks

Pavilion has been created to form and exploit existing broadcast markets that are largely overlooked by traditional terrestrial and satellite operators. Pavilion's unique position is created from existing relationships with Intranet and VOD suppliers who, individually, represent pieces of the marketplace but collectively under the Pavilion umbrella are a significant player.

Pavilion has close relationships with larger producers and exhibitors of film and television programming but is always interested to hear from anyone who owns rights in original content as the Company's very ethos is based on taking small elements to build a large entity. We always want to hear about your finished entertainment whether it be drama, sports, documentary or reality.

The Networks

North America

Pavilion Networks operates within existing private Intranet systems supplying programming as either video on demand, VOD, or download to own, DTO. With an increasing client base Pavilion continues to look for new and different content.


The sub-Saharan territory's infrastructure is still being built and Pavilion's access to strong local distributors enables it to use specific product for this market. In its partnerships Pavilion is able to move video content through very narrow bandwidths.

Non-commercial Airlines

The increasing number of private and charter flights varying from one passenger to hundreds has created a clear demand and market for in-flight entertainment. As we are familiar with entertainment systems on passenger flights so the need for entertainment as a companion has grown in the private flight business.