Global Tax Incentives and Structures


Centurion Global Capital has produced and funded entertainment all over the world and continues to be one of the strongest partners in the independent world of subsidised and incentivised production. Centurion Global Capital endeavours to keep up to date with the key players and is always open to discussing new and different incentives that arise.

Below is an ever growing list of incentives across the globe with a quick description of their value. If you would like to know more about each territory, each flag is a link to their respective fund or government website.



United Kingdom - 25% of 80% of the qualifying expenditure reimbursed directly by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to the production company.

Ireland - Section 481 allows for a rebate equivalent to 32% of the core Irish expenditure. The qualifying expense cannot exceed 80% of the global production budget.

Germany - With both Federal and regional subsidies available for feature films the benefits are more accurately calculated on a project by project basis but a theatrical release in Germany is a precondition of qualification. As a guideline the Federal benefits are normally calculated at 20% of the German expenditure.

Italy - The Italian government is committed to making Italy a real choice within Europe. After the stalled attempt a few years ago the new structure is modelled on a the more usual tax credit system and it benefits foreign productions more than local coproductions. A foreign feature shooting in Italy can expect up to 25% of it local costs in the rebate.

Finland - A new filming incentive was introduced with effect from 1 January 2017. The production incentive is a cash rebate model with the maximum of 25% of the spend in Finland.



North America

Utah, USA - The state of Utah continues to see its production base grow with access to a 20% to 25% rebate paid to the production by the state and its largely non-union working environment.

Georgia, USA - The existing 20% transferable tac credit can be increased by up to 10%, 35% in total, if the state's logo and promotional title is used in the production and its marketing.

Texas, USA - For medium and larger productions including television the rebate in Texas can be as much as 20% from this largely non-union, low wage state. Unfortunately the minimum spend is $3.5 million so not interesting for small productions.

Canada - North of the border has been a production alternative to the US for more than 40 years and remains very competitive for small and large productions in film and television.The main differences in benefits are related to Canadian content versus non-Canadian production but benefits are there for all productions and even just for post production.



Central America and Caribbean

Puerto Rico - The infrastructure has expanded and strengthened over recent years as international production has made use of the spectacular locations and the 40% rebate on local expenses, plus 50% on research and development.

Panama - Extraordinary locations, particularly its modern cityscape, and a strong business support to the industry there is a rapidly growing industry with the assistance of the local government. The benefits are currently 15% of the local spend along with low wages and accommodation costs.



South America

Colombia - From beautiful beaches to tropical jungle the locations are spectacular and the production labour costs amongst some of the lowest in the world. Add this to the government's push by adding a 40% rebate makes this a real possibility for productions.




New Zealand - After the success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy New Zealand extended its tax incentives across both film and television. The benefits for a foreign production are still limited to 20% of the local spend but a correctly structured coproduction can obtain up to 40% of the costs incurred in New Zealand.

Australia - This well established incentive programme is known to work well for local and international productions. Screen Australia requires a local theatrical release for a feature film to qualify but then there are 40% benefits whereas there are only 20% for qualifying television productions. There are benefits for just post production and individual states are always keen to invest to bring production in.



Middle East

Dubai - In a drive to bring foreign currency and expertise to the area Dubai has introduced the first incentive programme to the area. With it's 30% rebate on qualifying expenses including travel and living it has opened the door to international productions.




India - With its long history and as the most prolific producer of films in the world today India continues to be a fascinating choice for film makers. There are various incentives for producers varying from 16% to 21% from different states based on the nature of the production or coproduction.